Strings, Compression, and Orchestra

NOTE: This page is not being kept up to date. It is merely a resource for finding the products of my 1990s research, the basis for my Ph.D. thesis.

Here is most of the research work I did from 1995 to 1999, as a postgraduate student and member of the algorithms research group at the Department of Computer Science at Lund University. It concerns data structures for searching sequential data (particularly suffix trees) and reversible compression of sequential data.

The work is all summed up in the Ph.D. thesis Structures of String Matching and Data Compression, which contains the most accurate and comprehensible versions of results contained in the other documents below. The other documents serve the purpose of showing how results were originally published and giving credit to the coauthors.

These documents, and the source code, were previously available via my Lund University homepage. Since that page was removed, this site is kindly hosted by Mark Nelson in order to keep the files available online, and linked from his data compression info site. Update 2014: Since there are now many ways of finding research publications online, there appears to be no immediate use of this page, but it will stay the way it is until there is any reason to change or remove it. It is not kept up to date in terms of newer publications. See my home page at the IT University of Copenhagen for more recent information.


Individual Papers

Significant material of the following papers is compiled, revised and partly extended in the dissertation Structures of String Matching and Data Compression above.

Source Code

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